Product Introduction

Product parameters

Funtion:PFM Step-down Single-cell NIZN Battery Charger IC

Opration Mode:Switch

Battery:Standalone NIZN Battery

Battery No.:1

Vout Range:0V-1.9V

Vin Range:2.7V to 6.5V

Max Charge Current:1A

Operating Current:320uA

Solar Panel charge:Yes

Chip Temperature Regulation:Yes


Chip Enable:No

On-chip Power MOSFET:Yes

General Description

CN3601 is a fixed off-time PFM mode step-down battery charge management IC with operating voltage range between 2.7V to 6.5V. It is specially designed for single-cell NIZN battery charge management with fewer external components. CN3601 adopts constant current and maintenance mode to charge battery.

On power up, CN3601 enters constant current charging mode, the on-chip P-channel MOSFET is turned on, inductor current rises. When inductor current reaches upper threshold, the P-channel MOSFET is turned off, a low-side switch is turned on, inductor is discharged, then the P-channel MOSFET is turned on again after 1.5us off time. When battery voltage rises to 1.9V (Typ.), CN3601 enters maintenance mode, in which the inductor current’s upper threshold is reduced, in the meantime a timer is started. The charge process will not be terminated until the time out occurs. In termination mode, the P-channel MOSFET is turned off, there is no current flowing into battery. When BAT pin voltage falls below recharge threshold, the CN3601 enters charge mode again. CN3601’s switching frequency can be up to 500KHz, which makes a small-profile inductor usable.

The other features include 2 open-drain status indications, chip over temperature protection,  inductor current’s upper threshold selection, battery temperature monitoring, etc.

CN3601 is available in 10-pin SSOP package.


l  Standalone NIZN Battery Charger

l  Car Models

l  Toys

l  Devices powered by AA or AAA Batteries


l  Input Voltage Range2.7V to 6.5V

l  Operating Current320uA@VIN=5V

l  Switching Frequency up to 500KHz

l  Maintenance Charge Mode to Guarantee Fully-charged Battery

l  Selectable Upper Threshold of Inductor Current

l  Charging terminated by Timer after reaching 1.9V(Typical)

l  Automatic Recharge

l  Battery Overvoltage Protection

l  Chip Over Temperature Protection

l  Battery Temperature Monitoring Function with external NTC

l  2 Open-drain Status Indications

l  Operating Temperature :-40 to 85

l  Available in SSOP-10 Package

l  Lead-free, rohs-Compliant and Halogen Free

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