Product Introduction

Product parameters

Funtion:Linear SuperCapacitor Charger IC With Cell Balancing

Opration Mode:Linear

Battery:single cell Li-ion and Li Polymer battery

Battery No.:1

Vout Range:0V-5.5V

Vin Range:2.7V - 6V

Max Charge Current:1A

Operating Current:470uA

Solar Panel charge:No

Chip Temperature Regulation:Yes


Chip Enable:Yes

On-chip Power MOSFET:Yes

General Description:

The CN3125 is a complete constant-current /constant voltage linear charger IC to charge single cell or 2-cell superCapacitors from a power supply of 2.7V to 6V. The device contains an on-chip power MOSFET and eliminates the need for the external sense resistor and blocking diode. Thermal feedback regulates the charge current to limit the die temperature during high power operation or high ambient temperature. The regulation voltage is externally set by a resistor divider. The charge current can be set externally with a single resistor. An internal active balancing circuit maintains equal voltages across each supercapacitor. When the input supply is removed, the CN3125 automatically enters a low power sleep mode, dropping the supercapacitor current to less than 3uA.

Other features include chip enable, undervoltage lockout and supercapacitor power good indicator.

The CN3125 is available in a thermally enhanced 8-pin SOP package.



l  Electric Meter

l  SuperCap Backup Circuit

l  PC Card, USB Modems

l  Portable Equipments


l  Operating Voltage Range: 2.7V to 6V

l  On-chip Power MOSFET

l  No external Blocking Diode or Current Sense Resistors Required

l  Constant Voltage is set by External Resistors

l  Charge Current is set by an external resistor

l  Continuous Charge Current Up to 1.5A

l  Automatic Cell Balancing to Prevent Suercapacitors Overvoltage During Charging

l  Constant-Current/Constant-Voltage Operation with Thermal Regulation to Maximize Charge Rate Without Risk of Overheating

l  Automatic Low-Power Sleep Mode When Input Supply Voltage is Removed

l  Indication for Supercapacitor Power Good

l  Chip Enable

l  Available in eSOP8 Package

l  Pb-free, rohs-Compliant and Halogen Free

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