Product Introduction

Product parameters

Funtion:Low-Power, Single-Supply Op Amp + Reference

Vout Range:2.5V - 5.5V

Vin Range:2.5V - 5.5V

Operating Current:60uA@4V


Rail-to-Rail Input:Yes

Rail-to-Rail Output:Yes

General Description

The CN958 features combinations of a low power operational amplifier and bandgap reference in an 6-pin SOT23 package. The CN958 operates from a single 2.5V to 5.5V supply with a typical supply current of 60uA. The op amp features a common-mode input voltage range that extends from the negative supply rail to the positive supply rail, as well as output stage that swings Rail-to-Rail.

The op amp in the CN958 is internally compensated to be unity-gain stable with 0.6V/uS slew rate. The op amp has a unique output stage that enables it to operate with a low supply current while maintaining linearity under loaded conditions. In addition, the device has been designed to exhibit good DC characteristics over the entire operating temperature range.

The device is available in 6 pin SOT23 package.






l  Instruments, Terminals, and Bar-Code Readers

l  Battery-Powered Systems

l  Automotive Keyless Entry

l  Low-Frequency, Local-Area Alarms/Detectors

l  Photodiode Preamplifiers

l  Audio Preamplifiers

l  Infrared Receivers for Remote Controls

l  Smoke Detectors and Safety Sensors


l  Op Amp + Bandgap Reference

l  Operating Current: 60uA@4V

l   Rail-to-Rail Input and Output

l  2.5V to 5.5V Supply Voltage Range

l  Internally Frequency Compensated for Unity-Gain Stable

l  Internal 1.205V ±2% Bandgap Reference

l  Op Amp Capable of Driving up to 200pF Load

l  Operating Temperature Range:
40 to 85

l  Available in SOT23-6 Package

l  Lead-free, Rohs-compliant and Halogen-free

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