Product Introduction

Product parameters

Funtion:Under-voltage, Current Sense Comparator IC

Battery:2-cell NIMH batteries,single-cell Lithium Titanate Battery

Vout Range:1.1V-6.5V

Vin Range:1.1V-6.5V

Operating Current:4uA


{pboot:if('1.808V (VCC falls)'!='')}

Threshold:1.808V (VCC falls)


Threshold A:±1%



General Descriptions

CN200 is an integrated circuit with the functions of under voltage protection and overcurrent protection or current sense, it is formed by reference voltage, an under voltage comparator, a current sense comparator and a timer. CN200 consumes little current and is easy to use, it is ideally suitable for the applications of overcurrent protection, current sense or battery discharge management.

CN200 enters under-voltage state if the VCC voltage is below under-voltage threshold for 100ms or above, in which OD pin becomes high, and  pin becomes low. CN200 will not recover from under-voltage state until VCC becomes higher than under voltage threshold by 0.21V for 100ms or above. Once CN200 recovers from under voltage state, OD pin outputs low and  pin outputs high.

If the voltage drop between current sense positive terminal CSP and negative terminal CSN is larger than overcurrent threshold (38mV Typ.) for 9ms or above, CN200 enters overcurrent state, in which OD pin outputs high, and  pin outputs low.

Both under voltage state and overcurrent state are referred to as over discharge state.

CN200 is available in 6 pin SOT-23 package.


l  Over-current Protection

l  Current Sense Comparator

l  Battery Discharge Management for 2-cell NIMH batteries

l  Battery Discharge Management For single-cell Lithium Titanate Battery


l  Low Current Consumption: 4uA

l  Internally Fixed Under-voltage Threshold

l  Valid Output with VCC down to 1.1V

l  Under-voltage Threshold: 1.808V (VCC falls)

l  Under-voltage Threshold Accuracy:±1%

l  Deglitch Time of Under Voltage Detection: 100ms

l  Overcurrent Threshold: 38mV

l  Input Common Mode Voltage of overcurrent detection: 0V to VCC

l  Deglitch Time of Overcurrent Detection: 9ms

l  Active-high and Active-low Outputs

l  Available in SOT-23-6 Package

l  Operating Temperature Range            40°C to +85°C

l  Lead-free, Rohs-compliant and Halogen-free

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