Product Introduction

Product parameters

Funtion:Low Power Battery Monitor with Hysteresis Control

Vout Range:1.8V-6V

Vin Range:1.8V-6V

Operating Current:2.7µA Supply Current @VCC=3V



Threshold A:±1%

General Description

The CN312 is an ultra-low power high accuracy battery monitor with hysteresis control, and is specially designed for monitoring single or multi lithium-ion (Li+) cells, multi-cell alkaline, NiCd, NiMH and multi-cell lead acid batteries.

The CN312 allows for wide hysteresis by adjusting the rising and falling threshold independently. The threshold accuracy is ±1%.

If the monitored voltage is lower than the falling threshold, LBO pin becomes high and  pin becomes low; If the monitored voltage is higher than the rising threshold, LBO pin becomes low and  pin becomes high after a delay of tD.

The hysteresis eliminates the output chatter sometimes associated with battery voltage monitors, usually due to input voltage noise or battery terminal voltage recovery after load removal.

The device offers both active-low and active-high battery detection outputs.

The device is available in 6 pin SOT23 package.


l  Battery-powered Systems

l  Multi-cell Li+ Batteries Monitoring

l  Multi-cell Alkaline, NiCd or NiMH Batteries Monitoring

l  Multi-cell Lead Acid Batteries Monitoring


l  Precise Threshold: ±1%

l  Adjustable Hysteresis to Eliminate the Output Chatter

l  Hysteresis is adjusted by the external resistor

l  35ms typical Delay to Filter out the noise

l  35ms typical power-on reset pulse width

l  Active-low and Active-high CMOS Outputs

l  2.7µA Supply Current @VCC=3V

l  Power Supply Transient Immunity

l  Operating Temperature Range

      -40°C to +85°C

l  Available in SOT23-6

l  Lead-free, Rohs-compliant and Halogen-free

l  Upgrade Version of CN302

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