Product Introduction

Product parameters

Funtion:Low-Power Four Channel Voltage Monitoring Circuit

Vout Range:2.7V-6V

Vin Range:2.7V-6V

Operating Current:7.3µA Supply Current @VCC=4V



Threshold A:±2.5%


General Description

CN1185 is a low-power four-channel voltage monitoring chip, it consumes only 7.3 microamps current, very suitable for monitoring the battery voltage. The divice contains four voltage comparators, each comparator's positive input received on-chip voltage reference. It can be used to monitor four different voltage source or a voltage source for monitoring different grades. Users can choose the logic input to select the comparator threshold and set the comparator hysteresis. The existence hysteresis of comparator is to eliminate the power due to interference or noise caused by the comparator output instability. Because the user can set the comparator threshold and hysteresis, making CN1185 is suitable for rough monitoring battery applications. In order to facilitate work on the same system with different voltage chip applications, CN1185 open-drain output. In order to ensure an instant system power-on work, CN1185 internal design of the 7.5 ms (minimum) start time, the comparator output high impedance state in the start time.

The device is available in 16 pin TSSOP package


l  Battery-powered Systems

l  Mobile and cordless phones

l  Portable devices and equipment

l  Micro-controller system

l  Monitoring and alarm applications


l  Operating supply voltage range2.7V-6V

l  7.3µA Supply Current @VCC=4V

l  Guaranteed Output Valid to VCC = 1.2V

l  Four-channel voltage comparator

l  Open-drain output

l  Start time: 15 ms (typical)

l  Output can drive LED or connected with the microprocessor

l  Precise Reset Threshold: 2.5%

l  Comparator hysteresis can be set by two logical ports

l  60ms typical Delay to Filter out the noise

l  Blink output control function

l  Operating Temperature Range

      -40°C to +85°C

l  Available in TSSOP16

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