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Introduction to solar lamp module

Product Introduction

Product parameters

Funtion:solar lamp module

Opration Mode:PFM BOOST

Battery:Lithium iron phosphate battery

Battery No.:1


Solar Panel charge:Yes

Max Output Power:8W

(1)Product Features

l  High quality and efficient chip combination, equipped with solar panels and LED lights, can form a complete outdoor lighting equipment.

l  Standard solar panel is equipped to charge lithium battery, compatible with USB + 5V power supply to assist in charging lithium battery.

l  It has the function of anti backflow of lithium battery to solar panel.

l  Input voltage range: DC 4.5 - 5.5V, input power 5W.

l  12V8W LED lighting.

l  Infrared remote control, remote control light switch.

l  Independent lithium battery protection function can effectively protect the overcharge and discharge of lithium battery. When the lithium battery voltage is lower than 2.5V or the LED light is off, the whole circuit is in a low-power state. The circuit is from power consumption to uA level.

l  Reserve the function of emergency charging circuit of handheld equipment.

(2)Product application

l  Simple and   reliable courtyard lamp assembly

l  Disaster emergency lighting and charging equipment

l  Indoor home or medical auxiliary lighting

     l  Field operation and camping lighting, etc

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