Product Introduction

Product parameters

Funtion:High Side Current Sense Amplifier

Vout Range:3V - 32V

Vin Range:3V - 32V

Operating Current:60uA@12V


General Description

The CN106 is high-side current sense amplifier. Design flexibility is provided by the excellent device characteristics: 300μV maximum input offset voltage and 20nA maximum input bias current.

The CN106 monitors current via the voltage across an external current sense resistor, then internal circuitry multiplies the sensed voltage by a fixed gain of 20, and converts the multiplied voltage to a ground-referenced output voltage.

The low input offset voltage allows for monitoring very small sense voltages. As a result, a small valued current sense resistor can be used, which minimizes the power loss.

The wide 3V to 32V input voltage range, high accuracy and wide operating temperature range make the CN106 ideal for industrial control and power management applications. The very low power supply current of the CN106 also makes it suitable for low power and battery-powered applications.

The device is available in 5 pin SOT-23 package.


l  Photovoltaic/Solar System

l  Current Shunt Measurement

l  Batteries Monitoring

l  Motor Control

l  Over Current and Fault Detection

l  Lamp Monitoring


l  Operating Voltage Range: 3V to 32V

l  Internally Fixed Gain: 20

l  Input Offset Voltage:

Ø  CN106A: 300uV max.

Ø  CN106B: 1.5mV max.

Ø  CN106C: 5mV max.

l  Low Input Bias Current: 20nA Maximum

l  PSRR: 100dB

l  Low Supply Current: 60uA@VCC=12V

l  Operating Temperature Range

      -40°C to +85°C

l  Available in SOT-23-5

l  Lead-free, Rohs-compliant and Halogen-free

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