Product Introduction

Product parameters

Funtion:PFM Step-up Battery Charger Controller IC

Opration Mode:Switch

Battery:Lithium-ion,LiFEPO4 and Lead-Acid Battery

Vin Range:4V to 28V

Operating Current:515uA

Solar Panel charge:No

Chip Temperature Regulation:No


Chip Enable:No

On-chip Power MOSFET:No

General Description:

The CN3300 is a step up battery charger controller IC which operates from an input voltage of 4V to 28V. The CN3300 includes on-chip reference voltage, +5V voltage regulator, inductor current sensing, battery voltage monitoring and N-channel MOSSFET driving blocks, etc, which makes the CN3300 easy to be used with few external components.

The CN3300 enter charging mode on power up, the external N-channel MOSFET is turned on, when the inductor current rises to the upper limit, the N-channel MOSFET is turned off, then inductor current begins to fall, the energy stored in inductor is transferred to the battery. When inductor current falls to the lower limit, the external N-channel MOSFET is turned on again, and a new cycle starts. Battery voltage is feedback to FB pin via the external resistor divider, when the voltage at FB pin reaches 1.205V(Typical), the charging is terminated, the external N-channel MOSFET remains off until the voltage at FB pin decreases to recharge threshold, The maximum switching frequency of CN3300 is 1MHz.

CN3300 adopts 6-pin SOT23 package.


l  Lithium ion battery charger

l  LiFePO4 battery charger

l  Lead-Acid battery charger

l  Standalone battery charger


l  Input Voltage Range4V to 28V

l  Inductor Current Sensing

l  Battery Voltage Monitoring

l  Up to 1MHz Switching Frequency

l  Automatic Recharge

l  Up to 25W Output Power

l  On-Chip Voltage Regulator: 5V5mA

l  Operating Temperature Range:-40 to 85

l  6-Pin SOT23 Package

l  Lead-freerohs-CompliantHalogen-free


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