Product Introduction

Product parameters

Funtion:High-Voltage, Linear High-Brightness LED Driver IC with Analog and PWM Dimming Control

Opration Mode:Linear

Vout Range:0V-28V

Vin Range:4V - 32V

Max Output Current:1A

Operating Current:455uA

Solar Panel charge:No

Chip Temperature Regulation:Yes



Chip Enable:Yes

On-chip Power MOSFET:Yes

General Description:

The CN5502 current regulator operates from a 4V to 32V input voltage range and delivers up to a total of 1A to one or more strings of high-brightness LEDs.

The output current of the CN5502 is adjusted by using an external current-sense resistor in series with the LEDs. A dual-mode DIM pin and on-chip 130Hz PWM generator allow PWM dimming with an analog or PWM input signal. The analog control signal at dimming input DIM allows for a theater-dimming effect to be implemented. The CN5502 is well suited for applications requiring high-voltage input and is able to withstand automotive load-dump events up to 32V. An on-chip power MOSFET minimizes external components while providing ±5% output current accuracy.

Also an EQ pin is adopted for equalizing LED current among multiple CN5502 used in parallel. Additional features include a 5V regulated output and thermal regulation, etc.

The CN5502 is available in a thermally enhanced 8-pin eSOP package.





l  Lighting Systems

l  Automotive Interior and Exterior

l  Navigation indicators

l  Instrumentation illumination

l  Signage and Beacons


l  4V to 32V Operating Voltage

l  Adjustable LED Current up to 1A

l  On-chip 130Hz PWM Generator

l  Flexible Dimming Control, Analog or PWM Control Signal for PWM and Theater Dimming

l  External PWM Frequency: 80Hz to 400Hz

l  Integrated 32V, 1A MOSFET with 1.5A Current Limit(Typical)

l  Low Current-Sense Voltage Reduces Power Loss

l  Typical 5% LED Current Accuracy

l  High-Voltage Chip Enable Input for Dimming Interface

l  Current Equalizing Among Multiple CN5502 Used in Parallel

l  Thermal Regulation

l  Operating Temperature Range:
     40 to 85

l  Available in Thermally-enhanced 8 pin eSOP package.

l  Pb-freeRohs Compliant and Halogen Free

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